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Seek advice on the use of phospholipid carriers.

Postby kittinaovarat » Sat Oct 01, 2022 9:24 am

I want to increase the efficiency of absorption of Vitamin C serum, so I want to add Phospholipid to the formula.
The formula is about this: make 1.5% meat with Pectin Xanthan lota carragenan, about 10% oil, Sunflower Seed Oil , sacha inchi oil, deionize water.
Important substances dl-alpha tocopherol , pure- Ferulic Acid , acety L-Tyrosine , perfect c If you want to add Phospholipid to help absorption.
1. Can it be used or not? And how is the technique of using Phospholipid ?
2 Do I need to add an Emulsifier ?
3 Add the formula with pecfect C, is it necessary to add Disodium EDTA to be stable?
4. I want the recipe Absorbable load Is there anything you recommend?

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Re: Advice on the use of phospholipid carriers

Postby staff » Sat Oct 08, 2022 6:53 am


The formula contains 10% oil, but there is no emulsifier . There will be problems with separation of water and oil layers.

Using ActiveProtec OX 0.5% can reduce the chance of deterioration of perfect c quality.

Phospholipid is blended in the formula, in the final step. There must be water and oil in the formula completely.

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