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lip balm ingredients Prevent rancidity in lip balm.

Postby kamantrahouse » Fri Sep 16, 2022 7:26 pm

1. Ask which ingredients to prevent rancidity in lip balm should be used and what proportions should be.

Between Rosemary Oleoresin Extract (ROE) + Vitamin E (Which one should I use) and Mild Rreserved Eco?

2. I will mix Beeswax and Rice Bran Wax in the recipe. What ratio should I use between these two? Use 50-50, is it appropriate?

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Re: Lip balm ingredients Prevent rancidity in lip balm.

Postby staff » Fri Sep 23, 2022 11:46 am


1. No one is better.

ROE has a disadvantage that is dark color. The advantage is that it comes from 100% natural.

Vitamin E has the advantage of being light/colored. And inexpensive. The disadvantage is that it is synthetic.

2. There is no fixed requirement. depending on the desired product texture But the emphasis is on using only natural wax. May not give a very best texture. Currently, Synthetic waxes, for example, Polyethylene Wax , Tribehenin , Microcrystalline Wax , lip stick or lip balm are commonly used with various types of wax together in order to adjust the desired texture.

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