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Please ask Room Spray. Leave it overnight. Cloudy perfume.

Postby smile.hippy » Fri Jun 18, 2021 12:53 pm

Hello, I have a question about น้ำหอม cloudy. I want to make Room Spray 100 ml. Ingredients used Essential Oil 30 drops (tangerine , Lavender , Lime , Spearmint) Polysorbate 20 ( Tween20 ) 60 drops (2 per part of น้ำหอม ] น้ำหอม ), the rest will be DI Water initially mixed น้ำมันหอมระเหย and Polysorbate20 first, shake until combined, it looks clear, put DI Water until complete, still looks normal. When I saw it in the morning of the next day The water in the spray bottle turned cloudy. How should I fix it? Try using Flora Solve Clear (2 per 1 part) I feel it doesn't dissolve. fit with น้ำมันหอมระเหย coagulate.
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Re: Please ask Room Spray. Leave it overnight. Cloudy perfume.

Postby staff » Sun Jun 20, 2021 10:53 pm

Hello Flora Solve 4 times the rate of Essential Oil Mix well until clear. (If clumping To warm slightly 60 degrees) when mixed until clear. therefore added to the water
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